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Mrs. Fourkiller's Teacher Page

Hello Students and Parents,
This will be my first year teaching at Flower Mound Elementary and I am very excited to be a part of the Bobcat family! Prior to this year, I have been an Oklahoma educator for nine years. I have three boys and a husband who are all football fanatics. 

4th grade ELA/READING/SS is all about students growing in their skills as critical readers and using those skills to dive into complex text. While students are reading, an emphasis on academic vocabulary and personal vocabulary will be placed on texts. Different types of text will be use for instruction, which will include fiction, nonfiction, and mixed media.  Students will continue to engage in writing for a variety of purposes and formats. These writings will take place as explanations for answer choices, journal entries, essays, and other various writing assignments. While writing instruction occurs, grammar and mechanics will be taught within the context of student writing.  


Technology Resources used in class:
AR TESTSStudy Island