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Welcome to the FMS Counselor's Corner! I am Mrs. Toombs and I have been the School Counselor at Flower Mound School for 25 years. The Elementary Counseling Program is for all students, is developmental, and preventive. I lead large group class lessons, small groups, and individual counseling focusing mainly on social skills and character development. I love my job and helping students be the best they can be. Please let me know how I can help you and your family. The best way you can reach me is email at jtoombs@flowermound.k12.ok.us

Character Word of the Month

April: Honesty- Being truthful and doing what is right!
PK Coleman-  Colton Cates and Ella Carter
PK Crow- Savannah Evans and Elly Bustos
Kinder Pascoe- Liam Bustos and Sky Jones
Kinder Sullivan- Hunter Dahlberg and Alina Roig
1st Berg- Catchyn Caldwell and Milena Goetsch
1st Fisher- Christian Johnson and Diego Gonzales
2nd Lamont- Evelyn McFarland and Emmett Carter
2nd Sims- Crew Carson and Kade Gagliardi
3rd Hart- Dylan Logan and Jace Fink
3rd Pendergrass- Brynlee Brierton, Caroline Fabrega, and Bobby Funaki
4th Fourkiller- Camilla Losik
5th Peckinpaugh- Corbin Rowe and Samantha Evangelista
March: Fairness- Equal Treatment of Others 
PK Cates-Geovanni Broadie and Atom Chedester
PK Coleman-Kane Fourkiller and Caleb Codopony
PK Crow- Easton Foley and C.J. Reser
Kinder Pascoe- Maggie Codopony and Jaxon Santiago
Kinder Sullivan- Harlyn Harrington and Landon Pham
1st Berg- Carter Looper and Landrie Dipprey
1st Fisher- Devin Holt and Chloe Ross
2nd Lamont- Natalia Gunhammer and Cohen Weeks
2nd Sims- Jaeli Franco and Addisyn Sheffield
3rd Hart- Harper Kirkpatrick and Sofia Davis
3rd Pendergrass- Harvey Fabian and Lyric Waller
4th Fourkiller- Kenzley McKinney and Parker Bryson
4th Williams- Kole Sharp and Adalyn Stephens
5th Holt- Madison Bishop and Grace Reed
5th Peckinpaugh- Aliyanna Correa and Sam Dees 
February: Cooperation- "Overcoming Challenges Together"
PK Cates- Zeelan Edwards and Lavonnie Gaede
PK Coleman- Andie Padilla and Ella Carter
PK Crow- Braelynn Gagliardi and Cooper Swinford
Kinder Pascoe- Charlie Bizzaro and Axtyn Looney
Kinder Sullivan- Hannah Cao and Bear Livingston
1 Berg- Trevor Penn and Anny Flint
1 Fisher- Cayson Fields and Sage Hillard
2 Lamont- Brooks Brown and Lilian Rogers
2 Sims- Kade Gagliardi and Addisyn Sheffield
3 Hart- Sofia Davis and Trevor Mason
3 Pendergrass- Avery John and Jacob Santiago
4 Fourkiller- Kenzley McKinney and Morgan Dodd
4 Williams- Lacey Dipprey and Adonis Coleman
5 Holt- Kennedi Craig and Brooklyn Duggan
January: Respect
PK Cates- Addy Bolden and Clemsyn Caldwell
PK Coleman-Levi Easley and Macyn Rodriguez
PK Crow-Molly Reece
Kinder Pascoe- Zoey Never and Emmie Whittington
Kinder Sullivan- Brecklyn Smith and Kason Thornton
1 Berg- Quinn Charriez and Luke Sheperd
1 Fisher- Jolee Warner and Wyatt Kennedi
2 Lamont- Haleigh Gallegos and Case Caldwell
2 Sims- Jaeli Franco and Justin Moore
3 Hart- Dayson Lamont and Maxine Wise
3 Pendergrass- Avery John and Kayden Leighow
4 Fourkiller- Ben Livingston
4 Williams- Kato Klosterman and Audrina Burton
5 Holt- Caleb Gunhammer and Isla Joiner
5 Peckinpaugh- Ayanah Funaki and Alex Nguyen

December: Compassion

Compassion Award winners:

PK Cates: Sloan Massie and Abraham Johnson
PK Coleman: Luke Mason and Oaklynn El Kouri
PK Crow: Molly Reece and Easton Foley
Kinder Pascoe: Marty Sheffield and Sky Jones
Kinder Sullivan: Kaylee Coleman and Michael Sanfellipo
1 Berg:Harper Walton and Luke Sheperd
3 Pendergrass: Dalton Wilkerson and Joslynn Cordes
4 Fourkiller: Nina Nguyen and Madison Weger
4 Williams: Audrina Burton and Kato Klosterman
November: Gratitude
Gratitide Character Award winners:
PK Cates:  Mila Mears and Wendell Sullivan
PK Coleman: Oaklynn El Kouri and Benjamin Williams
PK Crow:  Averi Martin and Elly Bustos
K Pascoe: Collin Cantrll and Cheyenne Hanks
K Sullivan: Aspen Wehmeier and Lucas Weger
1 Berg:  Brady Prisby and Abby Johnson
1 Fisher:  Dylan Caldwell and Blake Golden
2 Lamont:  Jaelan Casper and Emily Darbyshire
2 Sims:  London Adams and Crew Carson
3 Hart:  Raelynn Corbett and Jace Fink
3 Pendergrass:  Hayden Swietek and Briella Hyde
4 Fourkiller:  Cale Penn and Mia Poland
4 Williams:  Audrina and Ayden Burton
5 Holt:  Audrey Fabian and Jacob New
5 Peckinpaugh:  Karson Jones and Deron Waller


October: Self-Control

The ability to choose and control one's words and actions.

"If you learn self-control, you can master absolutely anything."
Winners of the CHARACTER AWARD for Self-Control are:
PK Cates:  McKenna Heinz and Bellamy Brown
PK Coleman:  Luke Mason and Jaden Tidwell
PK Crow:  Savannah Evans and Rylan Loehr
K Pascoe:  Avalyn Morlock and Andrew Arnold
K Sullivan:  Lyncoln McKinney and Michael Sanfellipo
1 Berg: Norah Bryson and Kenneth Snyder
1 Fisher:  Ezra Funaki and Jennifer Nguyen
2 Lamont:  Andre Smith and Cora Leigh Williams
2 Sims:  Christopher Canfield and Hope Reed
3 Hart:  Bronc Fletcher, Bradlee Greene, Kiara Smith, and Dylan Logan
3 Pendergrass:  JaMareon Irish and Ryleigh Morris
4 Fourkiller:  Morgan Dodd
5 Holt:  Harper Kunkel and Landyn Looney
5 Peckinpaugh:  Gwen Jones and Kaden Martin

September: Responsibility

I am RESPONSIBLE for what I say and do.
PK3 Cates: Abraham Johnson and Raelynne Zupper
PK Coleman: Logan Pham and Liana Franco
PK Crow: Easton Foley and Bexley Looney
K Pascoe: Chloe Hilliard and Marty Sheffield
K Sullivan: Hayden Gagliardi and Aubrielle Scheid
1 Berg: Tucker Logan and Aubrey Chandler
1 Fisher: Lucila Nunez and Wyatt Kennedy
2 Lamont: Lauren McDonald and Gavin Garbutt
2 Sims: Haygan Cheek and Kade Gagliardi
3: Pendergrass: Joslynn Cordes, John Wilkerson, and Hagen Harrington
4 Fourkiller: Nina Nguyen
4 Williams: Adonis Coleman and Audrina Burton
5 Holt: Tristyn Ulloa and Brooklyn Dugan
5 Peckinpaugh: Gavin Keplinger and Grier Garza
August Character Award for "Kindness" Recipients:
Kylee Sullivan and Cooper Whittington (PK Coleman)
Molly Reece and C.J. Reser (PK Crow)
Kason Wade and Claire Pennington (Kinder Pascoe)
Harper Walton and Ethan Lewis (1st Berg)
Conner Roloff and Ally Flint (2nd Lamont)
Madisyn Wiley and Cayson Ulloa (2nd Sims)
Lacey Dipprey and Keeson Neal (4th Williams)
Lynlee Dipprey and Aden Reece (5th Peckinpaugh)
Red Ribbon Participation Winners
Pre-K: Macyn RodriguesRed Ribbon Week 2021
Kdg: Kaylee Coleman
1st: Devin Holt
2nd: Brayden Wibbing
3rd: Raelynn Davis
4th: Kato Klosterman
5th: Jacob New
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the child. State law requires every health care professional, teacher, and every OTHER person who has reason to believe that a child under 18 is being abused or neglected, or is in danger of being abused or neglected, MUST report the suspicion of abuse promptly to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The Statewide 24-hour Child Abuse Hotline is 1-800-522-3511.
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