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Standard Based Report Cards

Report Card




Again this year, students will receive both Traditional and Standards Based Report Cards.  Mastery of standards/objectives is our goal and is the best predictor of student readiness to learn higher levels of standards/objectives.  Mastery of standards/objectives will be a major determining factor in the school's recommendation for a student to be promoted to the next higher grade.  Students on an IEP, as always, will be subject to the goals of the IEP.



Standards Based Reports are marked as 



UNSATISFACTORY as defined below:



PROFICIENT = Student has completed the objective with 80% or greater mastery over a period of time that documents consistent mastery performance.



LIMITED KNOWLEDGE = Student has completed the objective with 80% or greater mastery. Consistent mastery over a period of time has not been documented. Teachers will use the Limited Knowledge mark due to student performance OR due to the amount of time the student has been practicing and has been assessed over the standard/objective. Generally a skill/objective introduced in the first quarter will not have had sufficient time to be assessed for mastery over time. 



UNSATISFACTORY = Student has not completed the objective with 80% or greater mastery.



Please contact your child's teacher if you are unclear about the Standards Based Report markings. If you have questions about the Standards Based Reporting Policy, please contact my office.




Striving for Success for all . . . .whatever it takes!



Mr. Trent